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If you are looking for a quality experienced Professional DJ that will play all of your favorite music while satisfying your guests at the same time then, look no further.  

Book me as your DJ, and you will be given online client access to my personal music Data base to view, search, and request for your favorite music. Once given client access to my music data base, with a push of a button, you will be able to make and edit song requests lists at anytime before your event. You will also have access to the totally separate Guest request list which will give you the final say as to what songs are to remain on the Guest request playlist. 

If you are not sure of what songs to choose then feel free to check out the most requested songs lists. These lists may help out with your music selections. If you are still not sure of what songs to choose then just sit back and relax and DJ Tim will take care of the music. DJ Tim will always play a mixture of music that is best suited for your event.

Once again, when you book me as your DJ you will be given full access to my personal music data base which includes an extensive collection of the hottest songs of today and yesterday along with the most requested songs lists. If you can’t find all of your favorite songs or music while searching my music data base, don’t worry most likely I do have your favorite music stored elsewhere, but if not I will do my best to get it.  

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Click Here:  For access to preview my media page to search for your favorite music, hear some music mixes and blends by DJ Tim and more.