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If you are looking for an experienced Professional DJ that will play all of your favorite music during your event, the way you remember it, and have the ability to take on instant requests with ease, then hire DJ Tim of Soul Reminisce DJ Service and you will be happy you did.

Book me as your DJ, and you will be given online access to my personal music Data base. Once given access to my music data base, with a push of a button, you as well as all of your guests will be able to make online song requests well in advance. You will also be able to make requests from the General Request lists however some types of music and or songs may not be included in my personal play list. All requests will be instantly forwarded to the DJ and added to your event playlist. Once the songs are added to your playlist, the DJ will guarantee to play any Pre-requested song at a moment’s notice. Keep in mind that you or the event host will have master control over what songs are to be played during your event along with complete access to other online tools that will help with coordination.

Keep in mind that requests are encouraged but not necessary. DJ Tim will always incorporate his style and play of music to every event. In other words “We bring out the Soul“. Establishing a request lists is merely a quick access point for DJ Tim to quickly play instant requests on the spot as well as pin pointing a better means to read the crowd,  and play a mix of music that will please everyone.

Once again, when you book me as your DJ you will be given full access to my music data base which includes a partially handpicked selection of my most popular music along with the most popular songs and hits from most genres of music. Keep in mind that the list is partial which makes is easy to browse for only the best music and songs to request and if you can’t find your favorite song, most likely we do have it but if not, we will do our best to get it.

Click Here: to see a general list of the most requested songs per category as made by individuals at various events around the world.


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