Frequently Asked Questions for Soul Reminisce DJ Service

What type of music do you play? 

We specialize in playing a hand picked selection of our best clean cut radio friendly versions of music. We play only the hits in New School, Old School, Top-40, Oldies, etc., along with the music and requests of you and your guests. Also you will be given your own password protected client area along with a special guest request link and login to give to your guest so that they could make song requests well before your event. You will  have the final say as to what type of music and songs that will be played during your event. If you don’t have a music preference, don’t worry we will help guide you in making great music choices for your special event.

Is the client able to meet with you prior to their event? 

Once you become a client we will make every effort to meet with you in person at my home office or at any mutually agreed place, time or location to go over all of the details of your event well before your event date.

How will you and/or your assistants dress for my event?

Soul Reminisce DJ Service will always dress appropriately for your event. For formal events the men may wear a formal suit or tuxedo and the women may wear a formal dress, formal blouse and skirt or a formal pants suite. We will also dress appropriate for less formal events or casual affairs.

Is there a minimum amount of time that you must be booked for?

We feel based on our experience in doing business; events that are less than two hours or more than six hours are not a great value for both us and the customer. So we don’t usually book events outside of these parameters.

Do you bring your own equipment? 

As your DJ we will always come equipped with well-maintained top notch professional state of the art music sound and light equipment and back up equipment in case an unlikely problem occurs with the original system. Our systems will provide trouble free clear quality sound and light for each and every event.

How much time do you usually need to set up your equipment?

Set up time for our basic system usually takes about 60 minutes total. We ask that you allow us access to the location at least one hour prior to the contracted start time of your event.

How much experience do you have with weddings?

We have been Disc Jockeying Weddings, Parties, Reunions, etc. thru-out South Jersey and the Tri-State area for well over 10 years. Our test of time experience and knowledge of music has given us the skills and ability to relate to, recognize and avert any unknown problems and adapt to any sudden change that may occur during any event. We will do our best to help make your day as stress free as possible.

Why so few Google reviews?

I send my clients one and only one satisfaction survey after each event. I only ask my client to give his or her honest opinion on the services they received from our company. I will note that the feedback from this survey with help our company continue our good services or make improvements where necessary. We value our clients time and privacy and therefore we don’t pressure our clients or make them feel obligated to go elsewhere to post a review. Random reviews from our clients are posted on our own Testimonials web page and this is usually satisfactory for both us and our clients.

Can you provide the music for my wedding ceremony? 

Soul Reminisce DJ Service can provide you with an additional sound set-up and music for one hour before your main event, provided that both events are at the same venue or location. The time can be extended if needed at the normal rate however the time can’t overlap the main event.

Will you act as the Master of Ceremonies for my event?

We will also make special announcements during your event as well as play the music however for a smoother and more organized flow of music and events we do provide special packages that include a dedicated Emcee. The dedicated Emcee for your event will make all the necessary announcements as well as help organize the line up to stay in sync with the current music, announcements and events.. The dedicated Emcee will also work closely with your banquet manager, photographer, video person, and wedding coordinator to ensure that all events of the evening run smoothly. This helps the DJ focus more on the music and provide a continuous flow of music without any delays.

Do you take any breaks?

Soul Reminisce DJ Service will provide continuous music throughout your event.

Do I need to provide you and/or you assistant with a meal?

Soul Reminisce DJ Service does not require that you provide a meal, however if one is provided we will gladly accept it. Please let us know in advance and we will make the necessary arrangements if needed.

Do you charge travel expenses?

There is a small travel charge for events outside of our service area.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We will accept cash, U.S. postal money orders, Visa, Master Card and Pay Pal. We only accept personal checks for initial deposits only.

I have booked your services, what happens next?

In a very short time, you will receive log-in credentials to your client area. In this area you will have access to the forms that will help you outline your event. These forms will include items such as music request lists, timeline sheets, etc. After that we will personally contact you to go over all of the details of your event.

I have booked your services, how do I get in touch with you if I should have any questions?

Once you become a client and have an active contract for an up-coming event you could always send us a quick message by using the message form in your client areas. Or if you prefer you could call or email us at anytime but, please leave a message if we are not available and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can my event be extended beyond the original hours that it has been booked for?

During your event you may request additional time at a rate of $50.00 per half hour up to and with-in a maximum event time of six hours.

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