Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

Though your wedding day will no doubt be the best day of your life, the months leading up to it will no doubt be the most stressful period of your life. With so many things to take care of, a lot of the details tend to slip through the cracks or get delegated to people who might not be qualified to make the decisions. Often, making a playlist for a wedding reception is one of these tasks.

Using the right music at a wedding reception can make all the difference. It is going to be the soundtrack to the evening, after all! Soul Reminisce DJ Service’s wedding DJ service in South Jersey specializes in helping couples pick out songs that will be played throughout the night. We make it very simple and allow you to be as involved as you like. We will be happy to work through a specific playlist, or just take hints of different time periods and genres to play from.

We also have lists of songs to play for the bride and groom’s first dance, the father/daughter dance, and various other points in the evening. If you get stuck, we can walk you through some classics or discuss some of our more obscure favorites given your personal taste in music.

When you hire our wedding DJ service, you can rest assured that we will be on time to set up before your wedding starts. Our wedding DJ will check in and make sure that everything is in place so that you and your guests can start having the time of your lives!

We look forward to your big day!

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